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Swimming Pool Games - Assessment and Intervention frameworks for children with special educational needs?

Swimming Pool Games are just one in many ways to add  fun,  depending on the goals being targeted, outcomes that every family and teacher expects, and standard and requirement of the community, assessing the child may be as varied or as generalized while he is in the inclusive setting which may affect his performance.   Inclusive education gives a clear support on a unified system which is one common set of outcomes for all students; although the manner in which competence is demonstrated and assessed may take into consideration unique individual needs (Bigge and Stump, 1999: 42-43).
  Curricula should be adapted to the children’s needs, and not vice-versa.  The school should also consider the support to be given to the special needs student but should do this in the perspective of of the general curriculum. The definition of support to a child will justify that it is still in the general inclusion setting if this things a purposely used within the objective of general education hence we have what we call Adapted Physical Education and the likes.  It is the student’s own experience that gives triggering effect to the acquisition of knowledge including play like Swimming Pool Games can be a rewarding experience for the child, this can also be part of the child’s promotion.
  Progression on assessment should always be revisited and this, like the curriculum should also mirror and complement each other in order for it to work in favour of the student and the society and student delivering on mastery or failing or the subject giving the teachers opportunity to identify what needs to be done.

  Evaluation of students with special needs in the classroom may be our focus in this particular issue, evaluation of kid in SwimmingPool Games can be considered as well as this can amplify certain skills that a child may demonstrate, it is not just be particular to pool games but to classroom play as well. As a teacher I may be able to use IEP still as my basis in the promotion of my students. Although IEP is usually used in the special education setting, this adaptive tool may be put in good use but the goals should coincide with general education’s goal which may be used in the referral of the student to the next level. 

You may use the following:

Assessment Portfolio
Differentiated evaluation/examination
Tiered assignments

Assessment Portfolio
  A special needs student may also be provided with an assessment portfolio, where in his achievement are documented.  A compilation of the child’s complete work where he may be evaluated can be utilized to promote a child for his accomplishments.

Differentiated evaluation/examination
  Differentiated evaluation/examination may also be done.  Test can also be in some other alternative forms aside from the usual pen and paper examination that tends to hinder a child with special needs to perform at par with the general education students. This can materialize in more forms but this still should be in the context of general education so as not to veer away from the supposed placement. As to Swimming Pool Games  each kid is assess differently and of course the difficulty level also is varied for each child.

Tiered assignments
  Tiered assignments (Tomlinson, 2001), teachers provide choices of assignments on a single topic that vary in difficulty.
  Modification can occur in either instruction or assessment of students with disabilities or both (Kauffman, 2006). It may be changes in instructions, student response, or assessment that is still within the general education content which can be significantly difficult for the students in the curriculum.

There are a lot of ways to modify and asses curriculum design, it is in the hands of the teacher that they create a fun environment with structured play in classrooms or out of this world physical education subjects as demonstrated in Swimming Pool Games.

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