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After School Special Education Teacher - My Child Has Trouble in School

After School Special Education Teacher can provide options for your child. Of all the things that you as a parent are doing in order to provide for your child, something about the word trouble would bother you especially if it comes out of your child's teacher.  

The Teacher would say

  Your child cannot catch up...
  Your child cannot sit still...
  Your child just keeps on laughing..
  Your child is always behind the lesson because of his behavior..

Then you can feel yourself panicking from anxiety and what could be worse after what the teacher just said, you may find yourself taking a deep breath and feeling that something needs to done. 

What are your options?


1. Never Give Up!
2. Hear out suggestions from the teacher.
3. Get the help of your developmental pediatrician
5. Involve your kids in sports and recreation

Never Give Up

You should never give up as a parent, there are ways to cope with this situation. Let's think about this Particular Universal Law in Chuck Danes Perspective:

 "Within the darkest of life's perceived trials and hardships lies the means as well as the ability to find and experience the light" 

You will always have help around. You just need to know where to find it.

Hear out suggestions from the teacher

  I reckon you enrolled your child in a particular school knowing that the teachers there would be of great help. They would see the difference and would observe behaviors which do not manifest in your own home. Especially if your child has just been entered in formal school. Teacher would know what to answer you whenever you ask them how is your child in school.

Get help from your developmental pediatrician

  If your child has not been diagnosed yet, seek help from one. You can get a lot of ideas and opinions about your child with experts that you trusts.

Ponder Upon an After School Special Education Teacher

  A Tutor/Coach will definitely make a difference, there have been studies that shows how a child reacts in different environment. A child in a classroom may behave differently in a room where he/she is the only one being taught.

Involve your kids in sports and recreation

  There are a lot of sports where your can involve your child, basketball, football/fusbol, taekwondo,karate, swimming etc. Get your child to move around and use their muscle group. The benefits are countless, these activities reinforce discipline and camaraderie with peers.

But then again, this is the Philippines and you can only count how many groups offer as much options for your child, and it is even more frustrating to see how the established ones charge.

So you can choose from:

 - SPORTS Coaching that involve BIG Muscle Group
 - and similar recreations involving health and physical being

How do you find one?

This is where we step in, we can provide various options for your child with the network of teachers that we have. You just have to be able to give us some time to evaulate what the situation is.

 We Specialize in:

  Special Education 
  Reading Remediation
  Special Needs Swimming 

 1 on 1 Tutorial
  Reading Remediation 
  Modified Swimming for Kids with Special Needs

 Your child will be provided with the tools the he/she needs to be able to cope up with the demands of school and of life.

Let's do this with the help of an After School Special Education Teacher.

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