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Autism Signs In Children - What are the main signs of autism in young children?

Autism signs in children would be really difficult to pin point in the perspective of a parent or guardian. Some might face the danger of not being able to get help because they unintentionally ignore the signs because a behavior can be interpreted differently by different parents depending on how educated the people surrounding the families are. 

 Delays in speech...
 Distructive when routines are changed..
 Would prefer to play on their own..
 Is never sociable...
 Obsess on particular things
 Echo every word you just said...

If you are looking for professionals to consult, you can go to:

Clinical Psychologist
Developmental pediatrician

Clinical Psychologist

Each kid is very unique, some would prefer certain environment and would react differently to different people. A clinical psychologist would normally tell you autism signs in children. Easily they can assess your child and give your information on where to exactly look.

Developmental Pediatrician

A developmental pediatrician can give a sound diagnosis and give autism signs. They can give beneficial assessment which you can use to endorse to a special education teacher should the diagnosis prove that your kid is within the spectrum. This particular assessments would help your child's teacher in designing an IEP suited for the need of your little one.


In the Philippines the practice on securing diagnosis with a neurologist is not very popular. For children experiencing seizures and other neurological deficits a pediatric neurologist is a great source.


  a Special Education Teacher can also give an assessment for your child who has been diagnosed already. In the world of dreams and achievements, the word "autism" associated with their own child is like the whole world falling down on them. 

 What about my child's education? 
 Will my child ever cope?
 What will happen to my child?

 Diagnosis from these professionals gives you a chance to change your child's life and with the help of Special Education Teachers,  and maybe a way out of the spectrum. Early Intervention is key and the younger they are diagnosed and assessed the greater is the chance in their improvements on their waterloo. 

Be open to Supports for your child and be very honest with the experts you are dealing with especially in finding answers with your questions you have uttered days ago when you have observed your child to be having deviant behavior to the people around and most especially to you. The gut feel on whether to check autism signs in children can give tremendous difference to you and your family.

When distressed on your observations. Never be afraid to check autism signs in children.

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