Thursday, August 25, 2011

Early Child Development - Why are early years influential to a child's development?

Early Child Development is very important in making up the children of the next century, in parent perspective; development in early years should be the priority. The Philippines has been made a move to prioritize early childhood education to prepare the children in the stages of their educational life.

Tabula rasa?

Tabula rasa, a blank slate, a blank canvass ready to be painted on. Science gives out definitions and research explaining how the brain is programmed base on experience, sensory input, motor control, emotions and natural responses. The brain acts upon this and refines the ability of a human being, the term "Tabula rasa" is related to early child development

Now, what are the things parents consider during the developmental years of the child? As we are after moulding the child's emotional and physical well being and inspiring your child imagination we can never go wrong with:



This will never falter as we all need Love and Care, we would also noticed that most loved children tend to excel more and exude confidence. A lot of kids are


It starts from your home, have you ever experienced how your child imitates the people around your house? Everything from LANGUAGE, ACTIONS and even EPRESSIONS are being replayed right in front of you which can sometimes be a cause of laughter. Start your kid early by being the good parents that you are, it may sound cliché but, the knowledge that they get from home and school definitely will build who they are as an individual.


  Nowadays you see kids taking in 2-3 after school classes just to be able to hone their interest AND give their parents a nod that they also like what they enrolled them in.

It is important to note that You as parent play a very huge role in crafting what your child will be when they grow up. Early child development can be supplemented by series of school activities beneficial for your child. 

We can give options. You may check After School Special Education Teacher's programs  appropriate to your child's needs and suitable with your expectations. 

Choose appropriate activities for your child but please be careful not to overdo it, your child can take just as much elective and special classes. They need to go out and play, they need to be in the field, they need to be supplemented with every ounce of love and care that you can give to back up early child development. com/photos/deannadesign/

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  1. Hey thanks for visiting my blog Your this article is extremely interesting, you have summarized each and everything and its true that the child learns from his environment language, ethics etc.