Friday, August 19, 2011

A.S.S.E.T - Glossary

After School Special Education Teacher
After School Special Education Teacher can provide options for your child. Of all the things that you as a parent are doing in order to provide for your child, something about the word trouble would bother you especially if it comes out of your child's teacher.  
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Autism Signs In Children
Autism signs in children would be really difficult to pin point in the perspective of a parent or guardian. Some might face the danger of not being able to get help because they unintentionally ignore the signs because a behavior can be interpreted differently by different parents depending on how educated the people surrounding the families are. 
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Swimming Pool Games
Swimming Pool Games can create another realm and world for little kids. They can try a lot from race to holding their breath for as long as they can. Obviously, water gives a different for some they can get a little bit complicated from being too scared of suffocating themselves to a fear of falling down when doing a simple back float to total chaos as they feel they were set free. 
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Early Child Development
Early Child Development is very important in making up the children of the next century, in parent perspective; development in early years should be the priority. The Philippines has been made a move to prioritize early childhood education to prepare the children in the stages of their educational life.
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Down syndrome information
Down syndrome information on sports  will be very useful to people who are involved with these little angels.  
I could remember one dear student who just melts my heart every time he smiles and laughs. Even when at his fighting moments with his teacher he is just cuddly as a teddy bear.  
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